Respond to GRI

Grassroots Resources, Inc.

I am responding to your fund-raising letter. I agree that there is a great need for America's Eagle Magazine and publications of the kind which Grassroots Resources, Inc. will publish. I want to contribute to the startup of GRI. Enclosed please find my check or money order in the amount of:
     $25.00 _____  $50.00 _____  $100.00 _____  or   $____.00 _____
(Please check one.)    (Please send me my copy of "Along the Trail")

Name:___________________________________  Date:____________________
Complete Address:__________________________________________________
                 _________________________ Phone:__________________

Please make check or money order payable to Grassroots Resourses, Inc.
Mail to: Elmer M. Savilla, 386 Maple Avenue East, Suite 203, Vienna, Virginia 22180